Work with Melbourne’s serviced apartment specialists

As the only agency to specialise in the Melbourne serviced apartment market, we’ve negotiated more serviced apartment sales than any other in Australia. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, lease or transition a Melbourne serviced apartment to residential usage, our expert team will ensure you get the best possible results.

With an unrivalled understanding of Melbourne’s complex and ever-changing serviced apartment market, we can provide you with unique insights into how to attract buyers if you’re looking to sell. We can also answer any question on leases, returns, finance, maintenance and capital works, offering purchasers clarity and confidence while expediting the sales process.

Part of our service, when offering your serviced apartment for sale, leverages our extensive referral network of financial planners, estate agents and advisors and a highly qualified database of potential serviced apartment investors. Sales achieved by utilising these databases are quicker and more cost effective than listing on the major real estate property websites.

Enjoy a smooth transition if your tenant leaves

If your serviced apartment operator does not take up further lease options, or proposes unacceptable alternative leasing proposals, we can assist you in making the transition to a residential apartment as smooth as possible.

Our expert services include:

  • Preparing detailed analysis reports of residential market rental return, or potential sale price.
  • Facilitating items such as building mailboxes, metering or services, door locks and access fobs (which need to be altered, once an operator vacates).
  • Carrying out detailed inspections on your behalf to ensure the property is handed over in an appropriate, clean condition with all access cards and fobs functioning.

Once the tenant has vacated, you have the option to either lease your apartment in the open residential market or sell it.

As you make this transition, we can provide specialist property management and sales services to suit your needs.

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